10 Fresh Content Ideas for your Blog or Email Marketing Campaign Pt.1

Updated: Jan 19

We all get writer's block. When I was a seven-year-old writing about aliens, I got writer's block; when I was twenty, in college, studying to be a journalist, I got writer's block; and now, as a blogger, I get it too.

To tackle this I keep a list. A carefully constructed compilation of content ideas to refresh, recycle, rehash anytime my creativity ain't nowhere to be seen!

1. Debate an idea; find someone else’s blog post, which you disagree with, and write your response to it.

2. Write a weekly roundup of industry-specific news, which would interest your tribe.

3. Use your community. Find nuggets of wisdom in other bloggers' content. Create a list and make sure you tag them on social for credit, or link them in your blog.

4. Have you ever written an e-book or a white paper? Why not publish an excerpt from it, with a call-to-action at the end leading to the full download.

5. Have you hosted or attended a webinar lately? Share the key takeaways from it.

6. What were your most popular posts, last year? Do a little roundup with some SEO-friendly internal links.

7. Recycle some of your YouTube videos into written copy, some people prefer video; some, text.

8. Publish a recent press release on your blog.

9. Write a how-to post for your tribe. Maybe it could be related to a product or service you sell?

10. What are your brand values and key messages? Tell your readers.

A quickie but, hopefully, you can use some of these for your blog, newsletter, or even your social media content.

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