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5 Style Tips All Men Should Live By

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

5. Size Matters

No, not the size of your penis—that's for another post! I'm talking about your measurements: inside leg, chest, waist. Ever been out trying to find some slick new boots, chatting with the store assistant, only to be met with what size are you? A simple question, right? I'm'm not sure but I'll try a 10. Women always seem to know what size they are; we seem to lack this very basic sense of self/bodily awareness. Boys, find out. It will make shopping way easier. We all want an easy life, right?

4. What's Trending?

S/S18 has finally landed and, judging by Paris, Milan and NYC Fashion Weeks of late, it seems the following are—as they say in the business—on trend. Despite being a fashion editor in the past, I never got too caught up in trends. I was always much more concerned with what looks good and fits my shape. But funnily enough, last month I picked up a new denim, box cut jacket and an oversized camo print shirt—both seem to be bang on the mark. An accidental fashionista at best. This season we'll be seeing loud hawaiian print, plenty of pink to make everyone wink, and one look I simply can't get on board with—shorts suits (I'm calling them shoots).

3. Fail to Prepare; Prepare to Fail

This point may be classified more as a life hack than one of a fashion variety. We know all too well that our days can be stressful enough without actually beginning your morning panic-searching through your closet. Your mornings should be chilled. But yes, a stylish man is always prepared. The night before, pick some bits and pieces and that's one less thing to worry about in the a.m. I do love making life simpler. Also, you do not want to rock up to your morning meeting in a creased-ridden shirt paired with a mismatched tie. No one likes a sloppy dresser, and it does not give a good impressi

on at the office.

2. Investment Pieces

Number two—like the last tip—is also doubling as another class of tip! A money-saving nugget of wisdom. If you are anything like many men I know, you'll pop into Penneys (Primark), New Look, or H&M, and pick up what some people may call "disposable clothes". Cheapy-cheap pieces that won't last too long. ALthough I do love a bargain (hello $5 shirts) it's always better to stow away your cash until you happen upon must have, stylish investment, which you wouldn't mind parting money for. A staple overcoat; the perfect fitting jeans; a long-lasting leather watch you'd be proud to wear on your wrist; or my favorite investment items wallets and holdalls, like this canvas weekend bag from Osprey London.

1. Keep it Simple, Stupid!

This is the best piece of advice I have ever been given. I would happily rock around picking up crazy prints, loud statement garments, and mad-looking pants probably suited to a member of the circus than me. But then, I get home and think, what the hell am I going to pair this shit with? So, sticking to neutrals, clean lines and classic pieces is often how the savvy man will shop for his threads. Think well fitted, muted tones with splashes of colour thrown in to accent the basics: grey, black, navy with a dash of scarlet in the mix (as above). \

Gentlemen: this is the Style Gospel according to the Bearded Irishman! If you have some fashion advice you live by, let me know in the comments!


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