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5 Underrated Travel Tips to Jazz Up Your Next Adventure

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Embarking on an adventure soon?

1. Travel Alone | 

This is something everyone should do, at least once in their lives. I traveled for one month, solo, in the south of India when I was in my mid-twenties. Best month ever! I learned simple stuff like, how to enjoy a meal alone in a restaurant; more importantly, I learned how to be super comfortable being alone in general. But it also forced me to get out my comfort zone. I've never been afraid to talk to strangers and this amplified that fact. Pretty proud of myself. I did encounter one odd egg, a judgmental vegan from Israel, who I just didn't vibe with. We ended up going for dinner one night, despite my not wanting to. We parted ways after, what was a stiflingly dull evening, and with a whisper she said: Darragh that was the most boring conversation I've had in my life. You gotta love an honest Israeli, right?

2. Book Well in Advance | 

This goes without saying, but come on, we've all been there: paying through the nose for a last minute trip. Hello 250 [dolla bills yo] from Dublin to Scotland! Use sites like Skyscanner and Holiday Guru, 2-3 months in advance of your next trip. Your bank will thank you. For an added bonus/money saver, if you have air miles with a rewards club, check out sites like Award Bird.

3. Learn the Language  | 

This, I feel, is more a little mark of respect to the people of your chosen destination. Don't assume everyone you meet is going to speak your language. If I'm going somewhere I'll at the very least attempt some of the native tongue. Don't worry if you f**k it up, people will appreciate that you're trying.

4. Get Lost | 

Stop planning everything. Put your map down. Become a real explorer. Yes, when you go to to a new place, act like you know nothing....John Snow! There's nothing better than sauntering around a new district or borough in a city you're not familiar with. EXPLORE!

Talk to Strangers  | 

There's enough space in life to be both silent and passive, as well as being proactive and assertive. Some days, you'll need to—as I said above—saunter around, in silence, not wanting to talk to another human (if she's an Israeli vegan ); but on other days, say hi to everyone! If you want some face-time, check out for groups in your area. Whether it's life drawing classes, book clubs, writers workshops or Yoga, get out there and find a new, temporary little tribe.

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