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Drink Water For Bigger Muscles & Better Sex

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Guys, take heed: drinking more water may seriously up your game...

Sometimes, it’s painfully difficult to drink the blue stuff. Like getting your ass moving at dawn or going to the gym, chugging enough H20 is one of those must-dos, but one that is quite hard to do—for some, at least.

Known as one of the 'building blocks of life' and making up 70% of our bodies, ingesting enough water is essential to life. We simply can’t live without it. But did you know that men may need more water than women simply due to the makeup of our bodies? The European Food Safety Authority recommends getting 2.5 litres of water per day, for men, whereas women need 2 litres. So, if you need a little motivation to down a glass or two...or ten, here are some of the big reasons you need to be drinking more water, today!

What Helps Build Muscle?

Yes, water! They don’t call it a "building block" for nothing. When you’re pumping away at the gym, losing water via sweat you need to replenish that internal reservoir adequately. Muscle tissue needs water to grow and stay lubricated. Point blank. Some very clever German scientists discovered how drinking plenty of water early in the morning can help increase metabolism and help promote weight loss. It’s magic! It’s also been found that men who are less hydrated are more likely to suffer from lower endurance, as well as muscle aches & cramps. So guys, if you want to get those gains, grab a bottle of water. STAT!

What Makes You More Attractive?

What do you find attractive in a mate? How about a good old-fashioned symmetrical face? Someone who’s funny, hard-working, kind? What about a cracking smile, and eh someone who drinks plenty of water? Hmmmm….

So, us guys are prone to having rougher skin than the fairer sex, so obviously, drinking water will make it a touch smoother. Although, ladies and gents, let me know in the comments, do you not love a rough pair of hands on you? Do you really want a smooth operator?


In 2007—yes that was eleven years ago now—a study found that regular intake of water can help blood flow to the skin which means, more blood flow, more oxygen, more water. That’s sexy! You’ll also have brighter, tighter skin, look more refreshed but will, potentially, need to pee way more. That’s the payoff, folks.

What Boosts Your Energy Levels?

I’m tired. I’m wrecked. I’m exhausted. Fu**, what’s up with me lately? You’re dehydrated, that's what! I’m no doctor and, please, do not mistake this for sound medical advice but, yes, my diagnosis is: if you’ve been suffering from acute exhaustion, you’re….dying! Ah no, you just need to hydrate. So go forth and drink!

What Makes You Stress free?

We men are notoriously bad at talking about our feelings. Aside from gabbing with your bestie about what's grinding your gears, a lot of things help alleviate stress: Meditation. Exercise. Sex. Stress is controlled by certain hormones in the body, namely Cortisol. To keep your levels of Cortisol in check, maintain a diet rich in complex carbohydrates, and keep a bottle of water beside your bed, your desk and your incline bench. And of course, if your mental health is an ongoing problematic issue, always reach out to a certified professional. Not a blogger!   

What Helps You Have Better Sex?

Grab that bottle of—no not lube—water! Now that you’re drunk on the sea, you’re stress-free, and your muscles are in check, it’s time for some action! Dehydration can be a major culprit when the mood isn’t exactly hitting you square in the face. It can also lead to irritability, less ‘natural’ lubricant in women, and even headaches. That’s a recipe for a sexless marriage if I’ve ever heard one. And guys, if you’ve ever noticed a severe lack of volume when you cum, that could be your water intake to blame. So for bigger loads, drink up.

P.S What the hell is happening in that image?


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