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Entrepreneurs: How to Make the Most of Free Time

You run a business, you don't have free time! But if you manage to find thirty minutes somewhere, here's how you could make the most of it...

Plan Ahead | 

Setting aside time for yourself is tough for entrepreneurs. Ensuring that, after your work day or week, you are scheduling in down time, time to hang out, regroup, do nothing, whatever, is of the upmost importance for your health and wellness.

You know I'm a fan of tool like Google Calendar and Airtable, and I love planning stuff ahead so I know where I'm meant to be, who I'm going to be with, and what I'm meant to be doing—for the most part, that is. So yes, this week I very much planned binge watching American Horror Story. Why have I not watched this already? I took this as time to switch off and zone out. Just like you wouldn't miss a coffee date with a friend, don't bail on dates with yourself.

This will, not only, make the most of your spare hour, but will have a knock on effect to the rest of your week, saving you time slaving away in the kitchen, every evening. Nothing irks me more than when I’m finished work and have to, either, go shopping or cook in a state of uncontrollable hunger. Or I end up ordering in. A lot. Some of the best foods to prepare on a Sunday for the week ahead include:

  • Ground Beef

  • Roasted Veg

  • Brown Rice

  • Quinoa

  • Roasted Sweet Potato

  • Chicken Breasts

  • Boiled Eggs

Disengage |

I’m doing my damnedest to put my phone away for, at least, an hour in the evening. I stare at a screen all the livelong day, so time away from yet another screen is most welcome. When you run a business, dealing with so many stakeholders—investors, customers, marketing personnel, freelancers—will zap you. Come evening, do you actually want to be interacting with any more humans? I vote, no! It'll reduce anxiety and stress, help you sleep better, and will make you more present with those you spend your evening with. For those of you, who do spend a lot of time with screens, protect your peepers and check out some very funky Baxter Blue Blueshield glasses from Lifestyle Safety!

Workout |

If you manage to get off your ass and workout just once this week, you’re winning. Yes, a little does go a long way, so pat yourself on the back if you do go to the gym or visit a spin class. What makes working out easier—well not easier, but more likely you’ll do it—is if you pencil it in to your schedule. Make it a non-negotiable. Again, it’s like making a date with yourself. Even if you can spare ten minutes to do a quick jog, lift a dumbell or two, own that free time, using it to improve your body. Most of the greatest entrepreneurs in the world workout first thing in the morning. I'm still working on the whole morning exercise thing! Hey, I'm a work in progress!

Learn Something New |

Have you ever had an experience when you’re asked what you do in your spare time, replying with…” and sleep”, or, “what spare time?” As autumn/winter draws near and the evenings become ever darker and colder, opportunities for outside time decrease. So what can you do inside? What about signing up for a class? One of my best buddies recently decided to back to University—pretty good idea for making the most of her spare time, eh? Whether it's a language, a new skill, something physical or fun, check out local classes near or you, or take a look at sites like Skillshare.

Take a nap

Heard of Polyphasic sleep? It means getting some shut eye in shorter periods throughout the day, instead of one long kip from p.m. to a.m. 85% of our mammalian mates are polyphasic sleepers, meaning humans make up a smaller percentage of monophasic sleepers. We’re still not 100% sure if we’re actually meant to be this way. If you want to fit naps into your day, the Sleep Foundation tell us, “a short nap is usually recommended (20-30 minutes) for short-term alertness. This type of nap provides significant benefit for improved alertness and performance without leaving you feeling groggy or interfering with nighttime sleep.” Naps make you, overall, more productive, I just don' have time during the day to nap. If you do, go for it!



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