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Female Content Creators You Need To Follow Today!

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

You'll know The Bearded Irishman is usually a man zone, but that doesn't mean I ain't gonna give some credits to my female, content creating, girlboss, sisters-from-other-misters. In fact, if you search my YouTube history, you'll see it's predominantly populated with female vloggers. Maybe us guys are just boring, eh? Here's a quick roundup of three ladies I'm living for lately...

Melanie Murphy

This lovely lady, very recently, bagged herself a Blogosphere Award for Influencer of the Year—nicely done, Mel. The 28-year-old boasts just over 550,000 subs on YouTube, and with good reason.

She's my new favourite vlogger, who I've been binge-watching since last Tuesday. Why is she so super awesome and amazing and wonderful? She's really fuc***g real; she speaks candidly about health issues like IBS and Body Dysmorphia; she calls out bullshit fitness influencers on YouTube, and Mel and her boyfriend are, arguably, the most adorable couple ever. They just look like they're best mates. Love it! #CoupleGoals

Tar Mar

Can I just move to N.Y.C and hang out with this bish? I can't help but be slightly jealous every time I see this gal strut around Soho, trot around Tribeca, and lounge in the Lower East Side. Of all the gals listed today, she's probably the most stylish—in my humble opinion, that is.

Tar Mar NYC Style
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Tara, who's originally from Cork, moved over to the Upper East Side after finishing her Fashion Design Degree up in Belfast. You'll also see her Bearded Irishman-friend co-starring, on occasion. She knows style, interiors, and eh....where to get a good iced coffee (which she pops in a reusable cup—she's Earth conscious, too)

Rosemary Maccabe

This woman is my spirit animal, at least, she's what I hope my spirit animal would be; and God love her, she gets such a hard time from certain [gobshites] people (see vid above). Leave her alone, lads.

This funky femme gets on my list because she's a rockstar writer. Let's call her the more 'journalistic' type of blogger. Take a gander at Maccabe's Spending Diaries, which I read with equal measures of excitement and trepidation. Thanks Rosemary! On her vlogs and blogs, you'll find makeup bits, think pieces, movie reviews, and it looks like a certain Ms Jenner might just be a a fan.

Who's your favourite Irish (Beure) Content Creator? Let me know below!


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