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100 Questions Tag | Get To Know The Bearded Irishman


1. What’s your name?

Darragh Christopher James Adam Mullooly. When I was making my Confirmation, the priest told me I wasn't "allowed" to take the name 'Adam'. So I said screw that and stuck it on the end anyway! Rebel.

2. Any nicknames or aliases?

Stop trying to make DAZ happen! I think it's more of a noise than a name, but my man Sean calls me 'DARRRRRRRRR'. Yeah, that's more like a noise isn't it? And my mate Dee calls me "Daraaaur".

3. Your gender?


4. Your star sign?

I'm the most annoyingly Capricorn person you could ever hope to meet. Us Sea-Goats can be witty one moment and then a total Cu** the next! I am a man of extremes.

5. How old are you?

I've been here for thirty years, this time! ;-)

6. Your relationship status?

I'm very happily taken by an amazing Scottish man. The Bearded Irishman and The Bearded Scotsman. How perfect! He's quite handsome and never fails to make me laugh. I recently realised he's the funny one of the duo. I don't know how I feel about that? We met almost a year ago when I was visiting Edinburgh.

7. Any children?

A fur-baby, Douglas "Dougie" James Fraser Grant. Probably the most photgenic dog in the world.

8. Any pets?

See question 7!

9. Any tattoos or piercings?

Four tattoos; I have a quill on my left forearm, a geometry symbol on my right hip (me and 3 mates got matching ones for one of their 30 birthdays); I also have a black panther on my back and a quote from Elizabeth Bishop's 'One Art', on my side, written in Hindi. I got that in India. I have one small ear plug at the moment, but have had my lip done twice, and my eyebrow.

10. What do you like about yourself?

My humour, creativity, and aptitude for not taking myself too seriously. I crave adventure and love doing things outside my comfort zone. That's where the magic happens!

11. What do you dislike about yourself?

My lacklustre time management skills, and lack of motivation where fitness is concerned.

12. Righty or lefty?

I'm right!


13. The last thing you drank?

Almond Flat White. How millennial!

14. The last thing you ate?

Avocado on sourdough and boiled eggs. How millennial!

15. Your last phone call?

My mom, who didn't pick up!

16. Your last text message?

To my beau, Sean, of course.

17. Your last email?

My last email was to someone I'm doing social media content for.

18. The last song you listened to?

St Vincent | 'Pills'

19. The last book you read? 

The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris.

20. The last time you cried? 

A few weeks ago

21. The last blog you read? 

Retro-Flame: Have you made the most of 2018 so far? I love Erika's blog!

Retro Flame
Image Courtesy of Erika Fox

22. The last person you spoke to?

My Man-friend, Sean

23. The last place you visited? 

Edinburgh, Scotland

24. Your last holiday abroad? 

Can I call my frequent trips to Scotland, 'Holidays', anymore?


25. Have you ever gotten back with an ex?

Yes, quite a few times actually.

26. Have you ever been cheated on?

Oh it's just the worst thing to happen isn't it? But I'm totally of the school of thought that if you cheat, that's it. Done!

27. Have you ever cheated on someone?

On a similar note, yes, I have. It's the worst feeling. The guilt. The shame.

28. Have you ever lost someone special to you?

Through death, moving away, and break ups, yes. I think we all have.

29. Have you ever been so drunk you threw up?

Too many times, but not in years. Mainly in my early twenties.

30. Have you ever fallen out of love with someone?

I did, and so instead of just breaking up with them, I slept with someone else. It was the wrong thing to do. Another lesson in the bag!

31. Have you ever met someone who changed you?

Ah yeah! Probably everyone that I've ever called a best friend has had some impact on me. If we stay open we can learn something from everyone who comes into our lives. And I'm really lucky to have an amazing group of buddies!

32. Have you ever been in a situation where you found out who your real friends are?

I think you find out who you're true mates are when you're going through a really shitty time.

33. Have you ever kissed someone you probably shouldn’t have?

Yes, see question 36!

34. Have you ever found out people were talking about you behind your back?

Not to my knowledge. And I'd like to think if someone was, that it would be out of concern, not bitchiness.

35. Have you ever broken someone’s heart?

In a breakup, no-one gets out unscathed. That's the reality of it.

36. Have you ever kissed a stranger?

Yes. Being somewhat of a HOE in my earlier years, I have kissed many, many people.

37 Have you ever had your own heart broken?

Too many times! But I'd rather look back and say that I had, rather than I never gave it a shot.

38 Have you ever had sex on the first date?

Yes, but it always felt like the right thing to do. Not ALL dates have ended with sex, though.

39 Have you ever been arrested?

Not yet. I don't plan to be though.

40 Have you ever been attracted to someone that isn’t the gender you usually find attractive?

I'm not exactly 100% gay, so I do find women attractive, sometimes. I'd say I'm 85/15.

41. Have you ever done something you regret?

Maybe the whole cheating thing...

42. Have you ever had a threesome?

I have indeed. I'm not a huge fan though. I feel like I have enough trouble placing my attention on one person. I remember I was at a pre-wedding dinner in the UK with an ex. He was chatting to this Spanish guy, then he processed to announce to the table that he wanted us to have a threesome. I laughed. He was dead serious. We had only been together a few months. I wasn't really into it, and I'm pretty sure he just wanted to fu** the hot Spanish guy!

43. Have you ever embarrassed yourself in public?

I don't know if I get embarrassed. I've definitely had times when I've felt super anxious in public.

44. Have you ever misjudged someone?

I really and truly have. And in a way, I'm glad I did misjudge them. I was taught to never do it again. People can surprise you.


45. Do you believe in God?

I don't believe in God in the traditional sense. There's something larger than us but also something that's inherently within us all. Sounds vague, I know!

46. Do you believe in yourself?

Absolutely. I didn't for a long time, so know I have this unyielding self-efficacy, ambition and drive. I've pretty much done a total 180.

47. Do you believe in Santa Claus?

I like to think there's a magical elf man, somewhere in the north, making toys for us.

48. Do you believe in ghosts?

Yes, totally. But not the type draped in white sheets. Our dead ones are knocking around somewhere, looking out for us.

49. Do you believe in aliens?

Actually, the town I grew up near, Boyle, is known for being like the Roswell of Ireland.I've never seen anything in the skies, but I'm fairly sure some of my mates are not originally from Earth.

50. Do you believe in miracles?

Like healing hands, and disappearing statues? Yeah, sure why not!

51. Do you believe in the power of positive thinking?

I believe in being positive and working hard to get where you want in life. And I also believe in feeling those negative feelings too, just not for too long.

52. Do you believe in love at first sight?

I believe you can feel a really palpable connection with someone at first sight, or first...feeling, can we call it? I think there's always a moment that you can remember realising you love someone, and it can be the most mundane thing. They could be just sitting there, reading a newspaper, or falling asleep beside you on the couch, or even talking to a stranger on the street, or, doing stupid dancing in a bar, and you decide that you love them.

53. Can money make you happy?

Money can alleviate a lot of stress. I've been on both sides, really comfortable and a fucking broke ass bish. When you don't have it, you worry about how you're going to pay rent. I'm much happier knowing I can pay my rent and eat.

54. Would you describe yourself as a feminist?

100% To me, as a man, feminism means understanding that there are wrongs in the world, affecting women, like the gender pay gap and abuse of females, by men in positions of power. It also means, not having male guilt but realising my privilege as a male.

55. Are you pro-life or pro-choice?

I'm pro-choice and I'm delighted that we, in Ireland, recently passed the abortion referendum. We need to have safe, non-judgemental health care for our sisters.

56. Do you have strong political beliefs?

I've never been political. I couldn't tell you the difference between a republican and a democrat.

57. Do you have strong religious beliefs?

I was raised Roman Catholic, but it never sat right with me. Also, being a gay man in church, I never felt accepted for who I was. Even as I was younger, I knew it was never something which would inhibit any connection to the God. Also, the abuse scandals, Magdalene Laundries, it all just makes me feel quite sick to be honest.

58. What do you think the most important thing you can give a child is?

Teaching them self-love and emotional intelligence

59. Are you eating anything right now?

Nope, just had brunch!

60. Are you drinking anything right now?

Nothing right now

61. What are you listening to right now?

I'm playing Honne on Spotify, they're an electro duo from London.

62. What are you thinking about right now?

The answer to this question!

63. What are you waiting for right now?

The next question!

64. What are you most excited about right now? 

Finishing this blog post!

65. What’s your pet hate right now?

Loud eaters—always will be.

66. What’s your favourite thing right now?

My Newbridge Silverware watch my mon bought for my birthday.

67. If you weren’t answering these questions, what would you be doing right now?

Working on social media for clients, working at my day job, or maybe can usually find me eating!


68. Your first best friend? 

Her name was Sara-Anne, and I think she's living in the home county, working as a hair stylist!

69. Your first kiss? 

A girl called Anna, my first Girlfriend

70. Your first celebrity crush? 

I genuinely cannot remember.

71. Your first holiday? 

My first sun holiday was with my mom, when I was about 14 I think. We went to Costa Teguise.

72. Your first pet? 

A little dog names Maximus 'Max' Mullooly

73. Your first regret? 

I tend not to live with regrets, just lessons.

74. Your first job?

The vet's clinic, and then an internship in my local newspaper when I was 16.


75. Your first childhood memory? 

I have a notoriously bad memory.


76. Love or money?


77. Twitter or Facebook?


78. Hook up or relationship?


79. Dogs or cats?


80. Coffee or tea?

Coffee. All day, everyday

81. Beer or wine?

Oh, I think I'm becoming more of a beer drinker, this year. But I love an ice-cold Pinot Grigio, too.

82. Sweet or savoury?

Savoury all the way

83. Introvert or extrovert?

A healthy mix of both I think. I love alone time, but I love being around good people.

84. Vampires or werewolves?

Werewolves for the win!

85. Seaside or countryside?


86. Summer or winter?

Summer for the weather; winter for the style

87. Books or movies? 

Non-fiction books and superhero movies

88. Horror or comedy?



89. Do you wish you could change your past?

Not one tiny bit. Everything lined up exactly as should have. Although, at times, I didn't see that.

90. What’s your dream job?

I'd love to be a magazine editor again. I loved that work.

91. What’s your guilty pleasure?

I don't believe any pleasures are guilty. And I'm pretty sure I stole that quote from someone.

92. What are you afraid of?

Rats. I hate them.

93. What was the first thing you wanted to be when you grew up?

A vet, and I worked in a vet's clinic when I was 15 to try it out. I quickly realised it wasn't for me!

94. If you could have any super power, what would it be?

Flight, or telekinesis.

95. If you could change anything about your life what would it be?

There's actually nothing I would change. Actually, maybe my fitness level and motivation to go to the gym.

96. Would you want immortality?

Hell no! When I'm done, I'm done.

97. If you could interview anyone alive or dead who would you choose?

Amy Winehouse, or Jesus.

98. Would you say you are happy?

I'm incredibly happy and totally grateful for it.

99. What one piece of advice would you give to yourself at age eighteen?

Stop worrying!

100. Where would you like to be in five years’ time?

Living in Scotland, doing what I love, surrounded by good people, happy, healthy and fulfilled.

So, if there's anything else you want to know that I haven't answered here, hit me up on Instagram @TheBeardedIrishman.


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