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How to Use Video to Grow Your Brand

#BeardedBusiness: Market your brand with the power of video

Speaking on camera? No, it’s not the most natural experience in the world, that is, unless you’re Kendall or Kylie Jenner and cameras follow you around, pretty much, everywhere you go! That big black lens can terrify even the most confident of folks. I recall the first time I had to speak on film for a broadcast journalism project—I froze! But, like anything, with practice and diligence, I became comfortable speaking and tried to be my most authentic self right down that lens.  

There is something very powerful about watching an entire person on film, as opposed to reading a blog post, scrolling passed tweets, or using a more visual medium, Instagram. Think about the About Us page on your site: what if you could bring that to life. Video gives us a more well rounded sense of who you are, why you’re running a business, and why we should, as consumers, care.  Now remember, YouTube and video won’t be your sales channel. Don’t flog your wares like it’s QVC or a badly produced JML advert featuring a poorly dubbed Barry Scott voice over. Instead, create and maintain a following, a community with whom you share your message and brand voice—forget about the sale and focus on your pre-sale value add.

Do you need fancy equipment?

Hell to the no! You don’t need to invest in an expensive Canon 60D DSLR to battle with cat videos for screen time. The joys of having a smartphone means you have multiple tools in your pocket—including a camera.The power of technology has enabled anyone with a brand, and a phone, to shoot and upload visual content. There are even smartphone tripods out there so you can frame your shot, and hold your device in place.

Who is your target audience?

Who cares what you have to say? Determining who you are speaking to, and knowing what they want will equip you with the knowledge to create your content strategy. If you’re a men’s fashion brand you could be trying to reach 20-35 year old men with disposable income who live in urban areas. Are you a detox tea company targeting health conscious women? What’s your buyer persona and how can you provide them empowering content?

Can you commit?  

Consistency is a huge part of running a brand. Having a consistent supply of products; having a consistent cash flow; being consistent in your marketing efforts is so important because, remember, you have an actual following and they may just be wondering: “Hey, where is Darragh's video today? He promised us content #unfollow!” It’s not just about posting on the same day at the same time—it’s about your cover art, thumbnails, style, angles, framing, voice and tone. Be the same all ‘round so your audience becomes familiar with you. The most trusted brands follow these rules, so be one, too.

What is your content strategy

Are you a fashion brand offering 5 shoe trends I love this season? Are you a skincare brand giving people advice on keeping your skin healthy in winter? Maybe you’re like me and you’re offering clients advice on How to Create Content For Pinterest! Do you have something that people will want to share? Create it, script it, shoot it, edit it, and upload that magic.

P.S. It’s not just limited to YouTube or even Vimeo. Roll up your sleeves, take a risk and try to produce a little Facebook Live; use Snapchat and Instagram Stories to keep your followers updated, daily, on what’s happening behind-the-scenes. It’s not easy; it’s scary to put yourself out there. But take a risk, try something new, and you can grow your brand like a beard.


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