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How to Write a Winning Press Release

Forget social media marketing—let's talk PR!

1. Find Your Story?

You need a have something news-worthy to sell to a publisher, something that will intrigue their readers. Find your angle: do you have a new product launch? Did you do something for charity lately? Do you have a sale coming up this autumn? Maybe you’ve changed location?  Ask yourself why would people be interested in this?

2. Answer the Following:

Every press release should answer the six W questions...and the one H!

  • Who is this release about?

  • What is happening?

  • Where it this all taking place

  • When is it happening?

  • Why is the subject happening?

  • How are you making this happen?

3. Use the Inverted Pyramid

The inverted pyramid allows you to structure your copy in a way that makes the most sense and reads like a news article, allowing the journalist/editor to see the most important bits and pieces, right away!


  • A heading, which tells the publisher what the story is about

  • Paragraph 1: sums up the entire story in a nutshell

  • Paragraph 2: additional context about the story and who’s involved, maybe some background

  • Paragraph 3: add in your quotes here to add a human touch

  • Paragraph 5: where can we find more details, website address etc


  • Always paste the content into the body of an email; editors don’t like when you add it as an attachment.

  • Always write a super catchy headline, it’s your sales pitch!

  • Footnotes i.e. add in additional info for the publisher like contact info, phone should they need more info or follow up interview questions.

  • Remember: send high quality images for print or web so they can add a visual to your story



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