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Inspirational Entrepreneurs Your Boss Wants to Know About!

Updated: Jan 29, 2018

Gentlemen, if you weren't already blindingly aware, we have a lot to learn from the fairer sex. Equalists will say it's a level playing ground between the genders, feminists will say it's not, but I'll run the risk of being crucified when I say: we should never be equal; we are beautiful in our difference; we have different strengths; we are the sun and the moon, the ocean and the soil. We will never be the same but when we are in balance, that is when we are at our most powerful. But today, let's forget about the boys and focus on the ladies. Because, as her royal highness, the Goddess Beyonce always says "who run the world?" Let's take a look at a few feisty femmes, making waves in a sea of testosterone, and using their voices to make our lives a little better.

Marie Forleo | The Quirky One

Want to 'create a business and life you love'? Then take heed: Marie has you covered with over 44,000 subscribers on YouTube and some sage advice on a number of topics like productivity, starting a brand, motivation, health, and self love. I discovered this highly-accomplished #girlboss about two years ago, and was instantly hooked. Forleo adds something refreshingly light and relatable to the world of entrepreneurship. If you're anything like me, you'll know a little levity goes a long way in life, in work, in love. Want some humour, wonderfully silly dancing, and quirky bits? Watch this woman.

She's an author, a life coach, she's Oprah's friend, and if that wasn't enough to whet your appetite, she's also the founder of something called B-School—an online academy dedicated to helping you achieve more in business. Marie didn't have the easiest start, though. Success was not overnight and she makes no secret of that. After working as a dancer, a bartender, the now 42-year-old always worked on her side hustle every spare hour she could find, slowly coming to the fore with her trusted voice. As Marie says, "success is a marathon, not a sprint".

Watch Marie TV here, or sign up for B School

Erika Fox | The Stylish One

This girl really rubs me up the wrong way! I mean, she looks impeccable, it would seem, every minute of every day, while the rest of us can barely manage to put pants on! Although, we have seen her redecorating her New York City apartment, ruffling 'round in sweats, but still looking perfectly put together! She has the enviable skill of looking great all year 'round, perfectly preened, and still being totally down-to-earth and being a total girl (boss) next door.

This Kerry Rose had beginnings in Marketing and Fashion PR, having studied in Galway City—in the same college as me—before making the brave move to the United States, working at a New York fashion brand and cutting her social media teeth. Fox went full-time last year with her stunning, minimal, and perfectly penned blog, Retro Flame after working part-time on it for years. Her branding seems to cleverly flow through everything she does. Her style; her apartment's colour scheme; her minimal aesthetic; even the way her website is designed. It's all very...well...her! Fox injects her own signature style into the brand which is always a good call in oversaturated industries. That is why she stands out.

And make no mistake, looking stylish is not her only superpower. Of late, Erika has begun to create more career-focused content, which I'm absolutely loving. She'll have you creating your own brand in no time! Erika is a multi-tasking heavyweight, who is set for massive things this year. Oh, and we love her sister, Kaelin, who started working with Retro Flame just last year—Sister Sister: The Irish Edition, anyone?

Follow Erika's adventures on, or on her regularly updated YouTube channel

Alison Lindstrom | The Nerdy One

The self-titled 'Unofficial Nerd for Bloggers' is, you guessed it, a blogging expert. Alison is one of the most transparent and frank YouTubers I've seen when it comes to sharing how uphill the blogging battle can be. She has divulged her business finances, reports, warts and all, in an attempt to help the rest of us gain an insight into her world. Cheers, Alison!

And she's a mom and wife—another multitasker in the mix. To make matters exponentially better, Lindstrom seems genuinely grateful for us, the readers, the watchers, knowing that without followers no content creator can actually work. In addition to telling us all her business, both personal and career-wise, she also shows newbies how they can work and make money blogging with online courses, her own blog posts and videos.

Check out Alison Lindstrom on YouTube and at

Marissa Carter | The Tanned One

Made in Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh; Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner; 90210 beauty Jessica Lowndes. What do these celeb gals all have in common? They all wear Cocoa Brown Tan, of course!

Marissa Carter's brand Cocoa Brown is one of the great success stories in the Irish beauty industry, over the last couple of years. Carter grew up in Rathfarnham, Dublin, having been encouraged to work hard from a young age. On that advice, she went on to win the IMAGE Businesswoman of the Year 2016, knowing exactly what it takes to be successful.

Her years of diligence, business development and some celebrity endorsements all led to the brand's diversification and Marissa's move stateside. Carter—who says her favourite quote is "get up, dress up, show up and never give up"—is a former beauty therapist, so who better to invent a self-tanner for the stars—and us other mere mortals, too!

Pick up Cocoa Brown at over 12,000 outlets worldwide and check out

If you have a favourite entrepreneur, who you think is kicking ass in commerce, let me know in the comments below. Remember, the Bearded Irishman is on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Image/Video Credits: Eric Michael Pearson; Erika Fox; Alison Lindstrom; Evan Doherty


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