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Interiors Lookbook: Mid Century Modern

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

A term penned by journalist Cara Greenberg to describe a style prominent in post-World War II USA, no other interior style has stood the test of time like mid-century modern. This evergreen vibe—beloved by all and featured on 'the gram' more than you can shake a selfie stick at—is an architectural staple.

Why? Let's dive into mid-century modern, where it came from and how you can implement the look in your man-cave!

With its roots in the USA, designs were born in the 1940s and 50s inspired by optimistic glances to the future with practicality and durability at its heart. With these key values, the furniture remained in homes for decades to come, making the look common yet stylish.


Intended for mass production, this furniture is minimalist in nature, with clean lines and purposeful details. Designs tend to feature flowing curves, rounded corners, and tapered legs, sometimes with brass caps. 

The most commonly used mid-century material is wood, usually in warm tones such as teal and walnut. Mid-century chairs and sofas are often upholstered in woven fabrics or leathers ranging from neutral tones to bold and bright colours.

Accessory pieces such as cushions and wall art tend to feature bold graphic patterns, while ceramics are more modern and unassuming. Mid-century modern style is the lifeblood of Cult Furniture, with countless chairs, sofas, and tables inspired by this look, you’ll find everything you need to perfect this iconic style in the home.


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