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Spencer Matthews expands clean alcohol brand

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Fancy a tipple? British entrepreneur and broadcaster, Spencer Matthews, is giving us yet another reason to indulge.

The media personality—who shot to fame during his tenure on Channel Four's, Made in Chelsea—has expanded his Clean Gin brand with a new line of low alcohol options: Clean Rum, limited edition Grapefruit Gin and Raspberry Gin to name but a few.

Crafted in collaboration with Union Distillery, gym bunnies and boozehounds alike can now enjoy their favourite botanical beverage without fear of that dreaded hangover; and if you're anything like me hangovers are getting more painful with age.

Matthews says the development of CleanCo was a "long and personal journey":

"CleanGin—our first product, represents everything we stand for, a complex and beautifully produced liquid in a stunning bottle that will stand the test of time as a classic drink..."

Why Clean?

"I felt that describing what we offer as 'clean' was a more positive approach than the often negative connotation surrounding 'No' & 'Low alcohol'. It makes for an easier bar call and more sense for people like me who drink less, or not at all, as part of a cleaner lifestyle."

"We strive to create the most authentic products in this exciting new category and will continue to experiment across other key spirits and more."

During lockdown (part one), more than one-in-three (37%) people reported taking active steps to manage their drinking; for example having alcohol-free days (15%), being careful with the amount of alcohol they buy (8%), looking for advice online (4%) or asking their GP for advice and support (3%).

One-in-fifty (2%) people attended support groups, and the same proportion received one-to-one counselling online or by phone. Just one in 100 (1%) said they had spoken to a friend or family member for advice or support.

Dr Richard Piper, Chief Executive of Alcohol Change UK, said:

“From the very start of lockdown, charities and treatment services have warned of the impact on people's drinking. This research shows that we were right to worry. One-in-five of us has drunk more often than usual over the past three months, and this research suggests that those drinking more often during lockdown are less likely than others to cut back as it eases."

Never a man for slowing down, the dad of two also launched a hilarious new podcast with his wife, Irish model Vogue Williams, last August. The self-titled Spencer & Vogue podcast explores everything from parenting to pop culture, and eh, why you should get a tongue scraper!! I'm there for every minute of it. Listen below...

For more information on Clean Co, or to shop the full range, visit

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