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Top Three Interior Design Trends of 2019

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Style. A force that divides, conquers, and sometimes, brings us together. While one man's taste is another's trash, what does connect us all is our global, individual sense of taste. Today on The Bearded Irishman, I'm exploring some firm-favourites from the world of interiors; design trends you can easily apply to your mancave this summer.


Call the Betty Ford Clinic, I'm addicted. When I was sixteen, Metallica were my go-to mosh pit jams; a true, blue metal-head. Now, I surround myself with rustic, worn materials of a similar vibe. It just so happened that, when I moved into my partner's Edinburgh abode, there were already gorgeous copper and rose gold fittings and furnishings, so eh, I didn't exactly have to do much leg work! Get the Look: Add intrigue to a muted palette with simple touches of copper to your cave. Invest in some metal-esque lighting fixtures, candelabras, or kitchenware.

Scantily Scandi

Just in case you've been living under a rock, sans wifi, Scandinavian decor is having, what you might call 'a moment'. Everyone and their mother has jumped on this trend, and while I'm all about living your best life and not being a sheep, c'mon, just join the herd and be done with it.

You'll recognise it from its layered fabric, textures and textiles, subtle folk-inspired pattern, and lots and lots of white.

Get the look: Think understated elegance, make use of natural light, and plenty of natural materials. Just go for it and get yourself a wood burning stove!

Inside Out

We're living in an age of smart homes and ubiquitous tech, and while I'm an unforgiving tech head, amazed by even the simplest of novelty devices, I do like to hark back to a time when we sat around the wireless, surrounded by candles. Oh, the land before Instagram!

Yes, this year plants are huge. Not just a simple plant on your coffee table, I'm talking full on flower walls. Stuck between Alexa, Google Home and whatever robot vacuum you've got spinning 'round your gaf, terrifying your dog, why not bring some nature back for much-needed nurture. Not only will you reap the benefits of having a nice contrast between steel and stone, you'll also have cleaner air and a whole host of other health benefits.

Check out how the guys at Chill Insurance made fine use of a plant wall, and converted the beloved Father Ted living room into an organic interior installation. Rainforest vibes. I'd happily sit there sipping on whiskey with Father Jack while My Lovely Horse spins in the background!

Get the Look: Style up your mancave with a variety of indoor-suitable plants: in the bathroom, in the bedroom, why not get inventive and drape some hanging ivy off geometric shapes and frames around your home.

What's your top trend this year? As usual I want to hear from you.

That's all for today, guys. Don't forget to subscribe to the tribe on social, tune into my new vlog series on YouTube, and check into the blog soon for more actionable tips on branding, life and style.


Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Chill Insurance


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