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Why Your Ecommerce Brand Needs a Blog Now!

Does your online store have a blog yet? No? Okay, we need to talk...

Until I started working in the e-commerce world, I never really saw the value of having a blog. I mean, back in the day, I was a Journalist, a writer, my angles were editorial and of artistic value—I wasn't selling anything. But now, things are a little different. Here are the top reasons why you need to have a blog on your ecommerce website:

Be The Expert

Maintaining a blog on your website positions you as an expert, an authority in your industry. It allows you to voice your knowledge, in a way that's accesible to your tribe. Whether you're selling iPhones, socks, or jewellery, you have a chance to create content: what type of phone cover does Kylie Jenner use? What socks should you wear on different occasions? What's hot in the necklace world?


SEO: You’ve already read about why SEO is so important before here on the blog, so let’s just go over it again! Keywords are a fundamental part of SEO, so having a blog allows you to write all about your brand while incorporating all of those wonderful keywords. The higher you rank, the more traffic you get, and so, the higher the chance you get some sales.

Stuck in traffic

Blog pages help drive traffic to your site. That’s traffic that you might not have had if it wasn’t for your fancy new blog! With plenty of content on-site, you'll have a veritable fountain of copy to share in social. If you're marketing through Pinterest or YouTube you can add a link in your description; on Instagram, update your bio with a link to your latest blog post. Share, share and share some more. And make sure all that content isn't The Hard Sell, just make it informative, entertaining and engaging.

Let's Get Personal

This is probably my favourite reason to blog. You've seen those sites knocking 'round the internet, the ones that have the basics: a name, a few pages full of products, a contact page, a checkout—and not much else. What does that really say to someone. Nothing! There's no branding, no personality, and above all, no human behind the business. I love brands that have a story, that deliver a narrative, a brand that tells me, there's a human behind the screen.


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