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Business Advice From Your Favourite Entrepreneurs

Amanda Bucci:"Create Captivating Content"

Amanda Bucci is a fitness and lifestyle entrepreneur, who helps business owners grow their brands. She knows the importance of a brand's story. How does she do it, and how do you become a killer content creator? Give the people what they want! Not as easy as it sounds. Bucci suggests stalking your space like a gazelle, prowling around trends in your industry and, above all else, listening to your tribe. Bucci does daily surveys and questionnaires. Make use of the Instagram Question Feature and ask what content your crew want to see!

Gary Vaynerchuk | "Find the Top 100 Content Creators in Your Space"

I'll run the risk of being lynched when I say, I'm not a massive fan of this man! Yes, I know he's a total hustler, and, yes he's made a billon bucks. I just find him—how can I say this—slightly intense! Despite that, I love some of the advice he dishes out, and totally respect his knowledge.

Funfact: Bloggers are always looking for content ideas. Yes, we love when people approach us for collabs, people that fit our brands, that is. For example, if a women's sportswear brand comes to me, I might not be the best fit, as I don't blog about female fitness/apparel. You may see me struggling to go to the gym over on my Instagram Stories, but no, a better fit might be a men's street-style brand, or even a tool like Airtable—great for business owners or anyone who loves to organise their bits and pieces. Gary encourages us to connect with the top bloggers in your space and see how you might collaborate. Send them some samples of your product, or shoot out a press release about your new range of stuff!

Marie Forleo: "Be Refreshingly Real"

Authenticity seems to seep from every pore of this entrepreneur (#AccidentalRymhimg). Forleo's whole M.O is built around helping you Build the Business and Life you Love, while being 100% yourself. But fu**, sometimes it's hard, eh? You think, "what does a business owner look, sound, smell and act like?" and then copy that. This ain't going to work, my dears. It took me years to, as they say in the business, find my voice as a writer. I went through so many styles, so many tones, until I just....well...started writing like I spoke. Then something clicked, fell into place, and boom, I'm being nominated fo awards and running a magazine. The magic really happens when you start being authentic.

Philip Kolter - "Marketing is a race without a finish line."

This, I feel, is slightly similar to that old adage, "happiness is not a destination". Don't think, "okay, once I complete X, Y, or Z strategy, I'll be done and my brand will run itself". Nope, even the world's top brands need to consistently produce content, regularly get in the faces of their tribe, and pump cash into ads. The Father of Marketing, who is responsible for marketing as a filed of study shows us that we must treat marketing and growth as a long-term activity. Sure, there are short term goals, objectives and strategies, but if you ain't in this for the long haul, you may be in the wrong game.

Remember, for more marketing tips, keep an eye here on the Blog, on Pinterest & Instagram.

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